Optical Illusion Generated by AI

As you know, Accent loves AI and has been an early adopter of using AI for image generation. Among the various AI image generators we’ve explored, Midjourney stands out as our top choice.

Our latest endeavour with Midjourney involved crafting an optical illusion. This project was partly inspired and guided by the resources from Theoretically Media (https://www.youtube.com/@TheoreticallyMedia) on YouTube. For those new to Midjourney, we recommend starting with the basic tutorial available at Midjourney Tutorial.

In our experiment, we successfully merged the image of a skull with a dancer’s skirt, creating a captivating optical illusion. Here’s how we did it:

Creating the Skull

We began by generating a skull image in Midjourney using the prompt:

/imagine: painting of a skull –ar 16:9.

We selected an image where the skull faces the camera directly.

Refining the Image

After selecting the skull, we used Discord’s ‘Vary (Subtle)’ feature to alter the image subtly.

Adding the Dancer

Next, we changed the prompt to:

/imagine: a photograph of dancers –ar 16:9.

The resulting image was a dynamic depiction of dancers, with their dresses mirroring the form and hues of the skull.

We’re always eager to share our discoveries and learn from others, so feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas.

Article by Dave
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