Transforming Virtual Meetings: How to Bring Life to Your MS Teams Sessions

In the age of remote work, Microsoft Teams has become more than just a tool; it’s a virtual lifeline that connects teams scattered across time zones. Yet, there’s an unspoken truth lurking in the digital corridors of our workplaces: virtual meetings can be tedious. But fear not, for there are ways to transform these monotonous encounters into engaging, productive, and enjoyable experiences.

The Art of Engagement in the Digital Era

First and foremost, participation is critical. Gone are the days of passive listening and screen-staring. At the start of a meeting, interactive elements like polls and quizzes can act as an icebreaker, waking up minds and getting everyone in the zone. And let’s remember the power of a round-robin approach, ensuring every voice is heard and fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Unleashing Creativity Within the Digital Box

Creativity doesn’t have to be stifled by the screen. Encourage brainstorming sessions where no idea is too wild. Utilise the Whiteboard feature in Teams to create a visual storm of thoughts and concepts. It’s not just about words; it’s about painting a picture of possibilities.

Personal Touches in a Virtual Space

Bring a bit of personality into the virtual room. Customised virtual backgrounds offer a glimpse into each other’s worlds, sparking conversations and a few laughs. Themed meetings, such as ‘Funky Hat Day’ or ‘Virtual Travel Background Day’, can add fun and anticipation to the usual routine.

Collaboration is More Than Just Conversation

Breakout rooms are a game-changer. They create smaller, more intimate spaces for discussion and idea-sharing, perfect for workshops or group brainstorming. Integrate interactive tools for real-time collaboration, making the meeting a hands-on experience.

Addressing Screen Fatigue

The reality of screen fatigue can’t be ignored. Short, focused meetings help maintain attention and energy levels. Intervals where cameras can be turned off give participants a much-needed break from the constant gaze of the webcam.

The Power of Feedback

Incorporating a feedback session at the end of each meeting ensures continuous improvement. It opens the floor to suggestions and thoughts on what’s working and not, promoting an environment of openness and growth.

Summarising Success

An often-overlooked aspect of virtual meetings is the summation. Thanks to Teams’s automatically generated transcript feature, a concise summary can be provided, highlighting key points, decisions made, and action items. This serves as a record of the meeting and a tool for those who couldn’t attend or need a refresher on what was discussed.


In conclusion, transforming MS Teams meetings from a monotonous chore to an engaging and productive experience is not just possible; it’s essential. By injecting creativity, encouraging participation, and respecting the limitations of our digital context, we can create a virtual meeting culture that’s not only bearable but enjoyable. Let’s embrace these strategies and turn our virtual meeting rooms into ideas, laughter, and collaboration hubs.

Article by Dave
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