Software Development

‘Not just a pretty interface’

Accent has been building bespoke business software systems for over 20 years. A majority of the systems we have built use a combination of public-facing websites, web-based applications and mobile apps to form complete integrated solutions.

We work with a range of technologies, including PHP, Python, C# and JavaScript plus relevant frameworks – and have the benefit of being able to choose the best technology (or technologies) for the individual requirements of the project. Our team of analysts, programmers, project managers and technical wizards are all well qualified and highly experienced in their fields – and are also given the scope to research and develop skills in new and emerging technologies.

We have built:

customer portals for insurance companies

event registration systems

a booking system for NHS emergency operating theatres

a management system for a plastic bottle manufacturer

a complete management solution for a UK-wide network that erects property ‘For Sale’ boards

a maintenance tracking system for power stations

and many, many more.

Legacy Systems

We specialise in integrating new systems with existing legacy systems and dealing with the translation of data from old systems to new where required. We are also happy to recommend and integrate systems with external services, including payment gateways, email and text messaging services, postal address finders, mapping interfaces and video streaming services.


When it comes to deployment and hosting of software, we use a number of major hosting providers, but manage our own shared servers and all dedicated servers for our clients. Planning the hosting from the outset, helps us ensure that solutions are secure, resilient and scalable. We take into consideration the criticality of the system and the impact of potential downtime, data breaches or data loss, when proposing a hosting solution. We ensure that suitable backup plans are in place and will develop disaster recovery plans where required.

Support & Maintenance

Once a system is deployed, we provide ongoing support & maintenance, ensuring that members of our team are available for client support, snag fixing, updates to external services and system enhancements. Call or email us to start a discussion about your requirements.

Bespoke or Off the Shelf?

When looking for a digital solution to any set of requirements, a major decision is often whether to develop a bespoke solution or to use an existing ‘off-the-shelf’ solution.

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