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This internet thing might just catch on you know. And whether you’re looking to improve your own little piece of the web or for something brand new, Accent is fully versed in all the options available to you.

From a simple site to promote your small business, to a large ecommerce endeavour, or just about anything in-between, we can cut your digital cloth accordingly. We have dedicated creative designers on the team, who can work with your existing brand, or would relish the chance to create a beautiful new brand identity as part of the process. And with a history of design for print, packaging and signage, as well as digital, we are well versed in creating identities which can be taken across all of your marketing materials and communications.

We have built websites for:

Insurance companies & financial advisors

An information service for landlords

A cosmetics bottle manufacturer

Birdwatching & wildlife travel companies

An electronic components manufacturer

Tourist attractions

Even a government think-tank

A website is however only as good as its content – and we work closely with award-winning copywriters, photographers and videographers to produce compelling content and stunning imagery to show your organisation at its very best.

We also understand user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. We look at who’s going to be using your website and what they want to achieve by doing so. We then design the site to be intuitive to them, to use ‘shortest paths’ to address the most frequent queries, and to proactively guide your users to the information and services you want them to see

The choice of technology is key, and our dedicated developers are highly skilled in the staples of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as content management systems such as WordPress, which we can adapt and extend to our will. If more bespoke functionality is required, our programmers can develop exactly what is needed using PHP, Python or other appropriate technologies. 

We are advocates of open-source, meaning that we work with a worldwide community of developers creating common functionality on which we can build – and to which we contribute. The bottom line is that we can provide your site with a level of functionality that sets it apart from the crowd.

We also ensure your website is pixel perfect across the complete gamut of devices from desktop to smartphone, building it from the ground up to adhere to the principles of responsive design.

Finally, we can go beyond the website, and provide you with everything you need to make your business a success online. We will develop content and build the site to ensure good search engine rankings. We can work with you to develop effective email campaigns and with dedicated providers for social media management, online advertising and reputation management, as well as more conventional PR if required.

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