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For clients wanting to develop standalone apps or who want to extend their web-based services, we can design, develop and build mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

In addition to designers, analysts, programmers, project managers and technical wizards, who are all required during development of a mobile app, we also have dedicated mobile app developers on the team, who bring the additional and highly specific skills required for mobile app development. The technology moves very fast, but we currently focus on Microsoft’s Xamarin framework and React Native, an app development framework developed by Facebook. Both of these frameworks allow us to use a single codebase which can be deployed across Android and iOS, meaning that we spend less time building and maintaining two independent applications.

We have built:

a geolocation-based ‘explorer’ app

an app for delegates at international ‘hosted buyer’ events

a maintenance tracking system for power stations

apps for estate agents and operators of a business that erects property ‘For Sale’ boards across the UK

And many more

We can also develop your mobile app to leverage device specific functionality such as GPS, barcode or NFC tag scanning, or fingerprint recognition and widely-adopted functionality such as push notifications.

Our team are also greatly experienced in the design & development of application programming interfaces (APIs) that can connect mobile apps (and other software systems) to cloud-based data and services. APIs are required when an app needs to authenticate user accounts or synchronise data between the app and web-based systems or other mobile apps.

Accent has app developer accounts with Apple and Google, enabling us to publish your apps via the App Store and Play Store respectively. This also gives us access to Apple’s TestFlight and Google’s beta test channels, so we can trial apps to select audiences of testers before release to the public.

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