Winter 22 Magazine

It’s hard to believe that it is time again for the Accent Winter Magazine – which I guess means that we must have been keeping busy!

We have continued to embrace remote working to the full in 2022. We have seen the team at Accent expand across the UK and further afield, with three new developers joining our ranks. This gives our software teams greater flexibility and allows us to balance workloads across projects, but it also means that we have more developers familiar with each project, giving us greater resilience to change.

Alongside the team’s expansion, this year has seen us put a greater proportion of our time into training and R&D. This ensures we get the most out of the technology we are using and keep on top of emerging technologies and best practices.

We have continued our focus on digital solutions, with projects for long-standing clients such as Agency Express, Property118 and Spectra Packaging, as well as welcoming new clients such as Trii and ESKA with branding and web development projects.

In this year’s round-up, we introduce you to Niroshan and Haydon, we look at a couple of website projects and show off our own Formantic service. We also have several articles written by the team: Dave takes a dive into Google Analytics 4; Karen talks about being heard; Brenton stresses the importance of stress awareness; Haydon engages with the NextMind project, and Craig tells us how to stay connected as a remote worker.

I hope that you enjoy our seasonal cogitations and would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous 2023.

Article by Geoff
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