Summer 22 Magazine: Sunshine on our Minds

A newsletter when we have sunshine on our minds? I must admit that a summer offering is a first for Accent. This either demonstrates the organisational prowess of our new Office Manager – or maybe we just have more to talk about this year!

Since our last magazine at Christmas (which doesn’t seem like 6 months ago), we’ve enjoyed meeting clients face-to-face again at our new home in The Enterprise Centre and have expanded the team, but more than anything have just enjoyed getting refocussed.

In this round-up, we introduce you to our new front-end man Abdul, take a closer look at developing software from spreadsheets (for a somewhat topical sunbed supplier), look at website scroll journeys, and reflect on the importance of designing for mobile users. Members of the team discuss a wide variety of topics that interest them at the moment: Dave delves into Interplanetary File Systems, Reza introduces you to the Metaverse, and Nick looks at the potential future of nuclear energy.

We also look at keeping a brand on trend, in this case, one we know a fair bit about, being our own – as we stride forth into our 32nd year in business.

I hope that you enjoy this latest collection of our musings and ramblings. But, more importantly, you get out there and relish the sunshine!

Article by Geoff
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