Work With Us

When Geoff started Accent back in 1990 he had a simple mission statement for the business…

‘To be a collective of skilled individuals working on great projects, delivering great work to great clients.’

Over 30 years later this mission statement is still as relevant to Accent as it’s ever been. Convoluted staffing structures and condemning people to a working life in a cubicle just wouldn’t cut it for us. We’re a lean and capable team where every member is valued because they bring something unique to the table. You will have a voice here at Accent.

As well as the standard package of a competitive salary, holiday entitlement, the opportunity for flexible working etc., Accent is delighted to offer the following perks:

Opinions about TV, films, books, comics, video games and many, many other things

The obligatory Christmas dinner and (sometimes) a Summer BBQ

We have minimal hierarchy, no unnecessary structures and everyone at Accent is afforded the chance to air their opinion… your voice will be heard here

A genuine opportunity to progress in a professional field you’re passionate about and a chance to make your role your own We are always looking for good developers and programmers, so if you have the skills and are passionate about what you do, then we’d be happy to hear from you. Simply drop us a line with an attached CV to [email protected] and we will be in touch.

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