The Art of Focus

Technology has been a massive part of my life which I’ve always taken an interest in. Recently I discovered a project in development called NextMind, which looks to explore how we can interact with the software we develop and use daily.

NextMind is an innovative leap into the human mind’s power and what it can achieve. It uses cutting-edge AI to translate your brain activity into digital commands, which allow us to interact with visual interfaces in real time.

It does this by augmenting visual objects with a NeuroTag, a faint overlay optimised for the visual cortex and uses these to identify compatible software for the NextMind kit. The Sensor then uses non-invasive EEG (electroencephalogram) technology to detect signals from your brain to be decoded by the software.

These signals are then fed into NextMind’s machine learning algorithms and decoded to recognise what’s in your active visual focus. Once the algorithm determines your focus, the selected object receives your command via the NeuroTag and executes the command.

This technology has already been used to create an alien fighting game where you use your brain to defeat the enemies instead of the typical weapons or abilities, and it’s been integrated into an intelligent home system to allow the users to interact with their entire house to turn lights off or change the channel on the TV.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this new technology develops and have signed up for a software development kit so I can get hands-on with the future of interface.

Watch this space for exciting developments.

Article by Haydon
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