One Ring to Rule Them All: Wearable Tech

Wearable technology constantly evolves, and we often discuss new tech in team meetings. Beyond smartwatches and fitness trackers, I’ve been intrigued by the diverse range of innovative devices on sale or in development.

Smart jewellery like the Bellabeat Leaf combines aesthetics with functionality, offering wellness tracking in stylish forms. 

If you’re looking for one ring to rule them all, the Oura Ring stands out. It’s a sleek, fashionable ring that discreetly tracks health metrics like sleep patterns, heart rate, and activity levels. Similarly, the Motiv Ring offers a blend of style and functionality, serving as a fitness, sleep, and heart rate tracker, all encapsulated in an elegant design. In development is the Samsung Galaxy Ring, and we await details in the coming months.

Moving on to smart jackets, Levi’s Jacquard represents a groundbreaking collaboration with Google, allowing users to interact with their smartphones through simple gestures on the jacket’s sleeve. Other perfect jackets for winter walks are the G-Heat EVO heated jacket and the Flexwarm Smart Jacket,  which features built-in heating elements controllable via a smartphone app. Another winter essential is a warm pair of gloves, like BearTek Gloves and Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves, which cater to the tech-savvy outdoor enthusiast, enabling touchscreen interaction without the need to remove them.

In eyewear, Vuzix Blade 2 AR Glasses present a stylish blend of technology and fashion, displaying notifications, directions, and more directly in the user’s line of sight. Signglasses empower wearers to experience live sign language interpreting and captioning directly through these cutting-edge smart glasses.

For our feet, Nike’s Adapt BB sneakers follow on from their groundbreaking HyperAdapt sneaker with self-lacing technology (yes, Back to the Future is now the present). The Adapt aims to give your trainer the perfect fit, adjusting when your feet swell during activity and adapting in real-time. Under Armour’s HOVR Machina running shoes can be connected to UA MapMyRun, providing real-time data tracking and form coaching aimed at reducing injury risk. Pair these with fitness-tracking sweatbands, such as the Halo headband and sensor-integrated sweatbands, which provide athletic performance enhancements and health monitoring. In the pool, the advent of smart swimsuits with waterproof sensors to monitor sun exposure marks a significant innovation, contributing to health and safety in outdoor activities.


Wearable tech has diversified into various aspects of our wardrobe, from jewellery, jackets, and glasses to footwear, headbands and swimsuits. Each innovation adds convenience and style and serves functional purposes, whether enhancing performance, monitoring health, or providing everyday utility. As technology advances, the future of wearable tech seems poised to bring even more intriguing and practical innovations into our daily lives.

Article by Karen
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