Forums to the Fore

The Forum Hub App was designed & developed for delegates attending the clients numerous international Forum events. The app provided an exhaustive list of functionality including allowing delegates to view their individual diaries of meetings, provide details about the delegates they will be meeting, message other delegates through the app, make &amp view notes from previous forums, rate meetings, view live ‘leader boards’, and view & book supplementary activities.

The app ties in with an API developed alongside the app and synchronises data so that the app can be used offline – and with up to 600 delegates, help to reduce the strain on the venue’s Wi-Fi! The messaging system even includes push notifications to alert delegates to new messages when they are not using the app.


Accent have a great understanding of business requirements and make quality suggestions to improve our solutions.

Emma Fress

Worldwide Events - App Development

Who Was Involved

Geoff Somner

Geoff - A Computer Science graduate way back when, Geoff is an experienced programmer utilising his system analysis and interface design skills to enable the team to build effective applications.




Geoff and the team always make themselves available to discuss ideas and requirements, producing high quality and reliable design and builds.

Emma Fress

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