Being Heard in a World of Noise

Communication is happening worldwide every second of every day. So how do you make your communication heard and understood within this noise?

My karate sensei recently explained his thoughts about Kumite (the sparring form) as a conversation between opponents. If one side is aggressive, the other backs away, so the ideal is an equal exchange of technique and dialogue. I’ve recently been thinking about effective communication on the web; essentially, what foundations should every website be built upon?

Communicating a clear message should be the foundation of every website, whether eCommerce, portfolio or blog. Communication fails if an attractive design or animation overtakes a clear message. Everything must balance in harmony and be accessible to everyone.

Consider your audience and how you can best communicate your message; this could be as follows:


On a website, your message is most often communicated in text form. Therefore, write your content clearly and concisely with context and effective explanations. Consider the tone of voice and how it applies to your brand; avoid passive sentences and write in an engaging active style. Ask someone from your target audience to read through your work. Finally, use appropriate semantic HTML tags to aid accessibility for all viewers and easy SEO gains.


Images can often communicate faster than words. They can connect to the viewer more honestly, creating a more attractive website design. Consider the consistency of imagery, whether you use commissioned photography, stock images or illustrations. Ultimately, effective image use reinforces the core themes and messages of your written content.


Where images reinforce your message, videos connect on a deeper level. Successful videos are used in different ways to entice your audience. For example, they could use a simple movement to attract attention, be informative with an interview style, and take your audience through a story that will aid understanding and trustworthiness. As a result, videos will not only retain the audience on the website for longer but also keep them coming back to watch again.

“Colours are the mother tongue of the subconscious.” Carl Jung


Colours conjure many different connotations and are a language all their own. Colours are a subtle way of communicating your message. It has been shown that colour has emotion-altering qualities. In marketing, colour choice can influence a customer’s perception of brand personality. Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022, ‘Very Peri’, sits in the centre of the purple hue. Purple is a sensory-social colour and suggests warmth, sophistication and power.


Establishing a consistent style for your website and branding needs to be appropriate for your message, preferred customer and sector. A successful style helps to communicate to your customers; your website was created for them, and you’re a business they want to spend money with that they trust.

Communicate clearly and express your brand, as every visitor is different. Remember, it’s your website. Content is king; without compelling content, your website will be dull and largely ignored.

Article by Karen
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