by Geoff Somner

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Agency Express has around 120 operators that put up and maintain around half of all property ‘For Sale’ boards in the UK.


The operators’ app allows Agency Express’ operators to view their job lists, either on a map or as a list of cards, showing each property board that has to be erected, changed or retrieved.

Jobs are optimised into the best route and the app allows the operator to navigate from one to the next, mark jobs as complete and add notes and photographs if required, which immediately become available to the estate agent that requested the job.

SignMaster Android app

As new jobs are added to the web application by estate agents during the day (or through their own estate agent’s app), they appear on the app and can be added into the current job list and jobs re-sequenced if necessary.

The greatest challenge for the Operators’ app however, was to make sure that it could work offline. To achieve this, all relevant data is stored locally in the app and synchronised with the main SignMaster web application when possible. The app also receives push notifications from the web application of updates and new jobs available.

SignMaster Operator App _ Overview & Pending Jobs Map Screen

The app is developed using the Xamarin framework, which allows programming in C# (C-sharp) and for the core of the app to be used across multiple platforms.

Geoff Somner

A Computer Science graduate way back when, Geoff is an experienced programmer utilising his system analysis and interface design skills to enable the team to build effective applications.

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