High-performance, secure, scalable, website, application, and data hosting.

Our cloud hosting solution scales, from small businesses to high traffic multi-national brands. When we launch your new website or application, we have to be certain that it performs, adjusts to heavy traffic days. For the highest level of performance and customer support, most of our client websites and applications are hosted on our private computing cloud.

The Cloud

You can read our Insight into Cloud Technology, entitled ‘Head In The Cloud’, here.


We use the secure and reliable Amazon Web Services platform to host most of our website and applications. Amazon are continuously innovating the design and systems of their data centres to protect them from man-made and natural risks. The AWS hosting platform has undergone third-party audits to confirm it’s security and compliance. The most highly-regulated organisations in the world trust AWS every day which puts our websites and cloud based applications in good company.


Your data is stored on state of the art, high performance, redundant SSD drive arrays and backed up to physically remote servers for an added layer of insurance.


Big and small consumer brands generate a lot of visitor traffic. News stories and email marketing can deliver a lot of unexpected traffic to your website. Our cloud servers run with a comfortable margin of capacity and use can auto-scaling to keep your website up, even under demanding traffic loads.


Our virtual servers span multiple physical servers, so the failure of any single component will have little to no effect on the performance of your applications.


We’ve been hosting and securing web based applications and websites since 1999, keeping our clients online. We make sure your applications and websites are up 24/7.