Our approach to app development projects is the same whether it be a standalone mobile app or part of a complete asset management system that integrates with a web-based component.

Frameworks such as React Native are the ideal tool for taking a project from the initial phase of establishing requirements through to initial interface prototyping and beyond.

React Native, a popular Javascript library built by Facebook, helps us to quickly build initial native applications that prototype the desired functionality ready for client approval. Then development of the fully functional application can be built atop the prototype ensuring the approved User Interface (UI) is seen through to the finished version.

With React we use a single codebase which can be deployed across Android and iOS which means we spend less development time building two independent applications. We have also developed mobile apps using other popular frameworks such as Cordova and Xamarin.

Agency Express - App Development

The SignMaster Operators' mobile app was developed for Agency Express’ operators to complete & manage their various estate agency board jobs while out and about.

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The environment and conditions that a mobile app is likely to be used in is a big consideration. Issues concerning the ‘How?’ and ‘When?’ of data synchronisation with any integrated or companion system have to be accounted and developed for. If a users device loses access to a data network the app still needs to provide the user with ‘offline’ functionality.

We are greatly experienced in API development to aid integration with your desired app and any existing web service with which it needs to interact.

We can also develop your mobile app to leverage device specific and widely-adopted functionality such as push notifications.


Accent have a great understanding of business requirements and make quality suggestions to improve our solutions.

Emma Fress, Worldwide Events

Worldwide Events - App Development

The Forum Hub App was designed & developed for delegates attending Worldwide Events numerous international forum events, providing them with meeting information and functions to assist them in managing their itinerary.

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