by Dave Fuller

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In our previous article we discussed ways of improving the design of your email campaigns. With a stylish & targeted design in hand, what next?

At Accent we get asked the question:


How often should we send out marketing emails?

Our usual answers include:

  • It depends
  • How many complaints for spamming do you receive?
  • Let your subscribers decide how often they want to receive email

All the above answers are true but they aren’t specific like, for example, ‘send one email per week’. One email campaign is not like another. The question cannot be answered accurately without understanding the kind of email service you are providing to your subscribers.

Let’s rephrase the question:


What do you have to say that your subscribers will want to read?

Understanding the perfect frequency for your email campaign will help establish yourself as a professional trustworthy organisation. But there are many reasons for emailing more or less often depending on the type of emails you send to your subscribers.

Signing Up

Establishing a potential subscribers trust starts at the beginning before the sign-up. Honesty about the types of emails and the frequency of those emails is crucial to gaining trust. If you cannot convince potential subscribers to sign-up to your email marketing, is there any value in the email?

If your emails will be regular such as once a week then give the subscriber an idea of frequency (e.g. once a week rather than several a month).

If you’re offering a news related service it’s safe to assume you publish articles every day but emails covering breaking news could occur many times a day. This service has value to the subscriber so allowing them to choose the frequency of the emails would allow active subscribers to receive many messages in a single day.

Sending email at this frequency to all your subscribers will ensure your email gets rejected as spam as many of your recipients don’t want to receive it multiple times a day. Offering an ‘Opt-in’ process allowing your subscribers to choose the frequency will give your email campaigns the staying power required.

To achieve this you need two things:

  • Preference page – allowing the subscriber to change the frequency and types of emails they receive.
  • Focused content ­– email campaigns have to stick to what the subscriber signed up to and is expecting. If the message changes to far from the promise it can become a message the recipient doesn’t want resulting in spam.

Frequency Depends But Keep Your Promise

So there is no ‘one size fits all’ in marketing and creating a killer email marketing campaign is no different. Give your subscribers what they asked for as frequently as they want it. Aggressive email marketing always ends the same way with an increase in spam reports and a less than effective marketing tool that does more to damage your company than to enhance it.

Dave Fuller

Armed with a BA Hons Arts Degrees and decades of experience as a Web Developer, Dave manages all aspects of Web Design and Software Development at Accent and is also our technical guru.

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