Formed by Helen Teague & Dawn French, Sixteen47 are a clothing brand that produce women's garments in sizes 16 and over whilst promoting the ethical treatment of their workforce.

Not So Much ‘Out with the Old’….

When we were charged with developing a new web-based admin system for Sixteen47 it presented a considerable challenge of how best to develop something new whilst maintaining the integrity of the existing system.

Our initial work involved unifying two pre-existing admin systems, both of which contained a large amount of legacy data that had to be cleaned, optimised, reformatted and imported. The database was completely redesigned and rewritten to use Microsoft SQL Server which allowed us to properly normalise the database – removing any bad data – and to minimize the redundancy of that data.


Listening Then Enhancing

One of the most important client requested features was for the new system to allow refunds to store pending credit. So we developed them a bespoke one to their exact requirements. In addition, the system needed to work with Sixteen47’s fulfilment company allowing them to print packing slips. This way the items could be easily identified whilst updating the client with the status of the order.

Built in the CakePHP framework, the updated system was developed to be used by multiple users at Sixteen47 to ensure the correct processing of orders as well as the efficient handling of enquiries and returns. We developed the system to enhance the existing user interface, of which the client’s workforce had become very much accustomed, reducing the need for further staff training.


Dressing the Virtual Shop Front

The new site was designed to show the brand as modern and clean with a strong use of typography. The client wanted the focus to be on the clothes whilst still making the purchasing process as smooth as possible. Inkeeping with the website the logo was also updated to reflect the same clean look and feel that had now been infused into the brand. needed to look fantastic on a range of mobile devices whilst allowing easy access to the products even on a smaller smartphone screen. Unlike many mobile responsive websites gives the viewer the same high levels of functionality as its desktop equivalent.

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