Kettle Foods

A hugely renowned name, Kettle Foods produce a large and varied range of high quality hand cooked crisps and snacks.

Print That Sends a Message

Accent is proud to have worked with Kettle Foods since 1995 to produce a range of promotional materials. Our production work involves the creation of print-ready artwork from client led briefs whilst correctly representing their brand, as well as maintaining a consistency of design and message across all marketing communications.

The range of printed materials that we produce for Kettle includes:

  • Packaging Artwork
  • Point of Sale Materials
  • Advertising and promotional campaigns
Kettle Packs

Managing That Printed Message

We work closely with specialist print service suppliers on behalf of the client. Together we produce colour accurate proofs, ensuring spot-on and reliable printing that aids Kettle in maintaining their position as the #1 brand of premium hand-cooked chips.


Spreading the Brand

Kettle Foods also possess several websites to promote their brand. We developed their international website with the goal of delivering the message of Kettle’s quality brand to a European audience and building the awareness of its great range of products.

The international website is translated into 7 languages and features relevant supplier information for all respective countries. All this whilst still embodying a design that is consistent with Kettle’s distinctive visuals, and existing international marketing campaigns.

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