Association of Police Crime Commissioners

Accent helped the APCC redesign their website and rethink their approach to delivering content digitally.

Evolving Approach

The Association of Police Crime Commissioners needed to find a way of delivering content to their members securely whilst informing the public about the role of a Police Crime Commissioner.

Along with important publically shared articles and documents the APCC website allows visitors to view details about every PCC in the UK, linking to the latest relevant news for that area.

Responsibly Responsive Website

It was important that the site worked well across multiple devices and was optimized for 10 inch, 7 inch and smaller mobile platforms. The content resizes and changes layout to accommodate differing screen widths. The responsive mobile device friendly design allows content to be shared easily across social networks like Twitter where the average reader is using a mobile device.


Members Only

APCC needed to share content and improve communication between its PCC members. Accent created a separate secure Members Area that allows APCC private content to be published and shared among its members. In addition members can use private forums to discuss topics and raise awareness of important issue across the UK.

Notification emails are sent through the system and logged within the system which is capable of handling thousands of messages daily.

The Solution

Accent chose the WordPress Multisite platform to deliver the Police Crime Commissioner system as it allowed the sharing of documents and content across the public and members websites. Multisite allows Accent to install security updates to the public and members area at the same time without causing conflicts between different patches.

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