Agency Express

Operating in the franchise sector, Agency Express manage a national network of centres and individuals that specialise in the installation, removal, and maintenance of estate agency boards.

Informing Through the Web

We developed a WordPress-powered public website for Agency Express. It was designed to reinforce the strong brand values of the business whilst providing information to both potential clients and prospective franchisees.

Agency Express covers over 30% of all ‘For Sale’ boards across the UK with this coverage they can offer clients a unique insight into the current trends and activities within the UK residential market. This ‘real time’ data from the movement and status of sign boards is used in the Agency Express Monthly Property Activity Index Report available on the public website.


Software To Power a Business

Providing service to over 30% of all estate agencies in the country, Agency Express are currently the largest provider of board services in the UK. We were happy to oblige by developing the SignMaster 3 web-based system for them.

The SignMaster 3 system is the most advanced system of it’s kind on the market. As well as being a fully featured board management tool for estate agents, SignMaster offers the complete package for franchisees by dealing with all aspects of job management, route planning, communication with estate agents, and invoicing.

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