by Dave Fuller

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On 21st & 22nd September, as Accent’s resident UX developer, I ventured out into ‘The Wild’ of London Town to attend the Generate Conference 2017. Organised by the monthly web design publication .net Magazine, the event took place at the Royal Institution in the heart of Mayfair. As well as a day of practical workshops, the main conference featured 15 varied and insightful talks from leading industry names across the subsequent 2 days.

Speakers came from all over the globe representing renowned organisations such as Microsoft, Fastly and Netflix. They covered a range of subjects related to web design including performance, animation, and user experience. There were also practical tips regarding how to build responsive web components and a glimpse into what might be the future with a presentation on the state of conversational interfaces.

Generate Conference 2017

After a couple of intensive and tiring days, I returned to the studio with a renewed vigour and a few new ideas about how I can implement all that i’d learnt. The rest of the team also appreciated the exhaustive debrief they received during one of our regular Fish & Chip Friday’s.

Armed with a BA Hons Arts Degrees and decades of experience as a Web Developer, Dave manages all aspects of Web Design and Software Development at Accent and is also our technical guru.

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