by Dave Fuller

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In the first part of Facing Facebook we discussed reasons for marketing to the social network in the second and final part we look at how we plan, implement and measure our marketing effort.

Do the Research

Facebook research should include the following areas:

Identify the Audience Discover Where They Spend Their Time
If you know your demographic you can review those statistics for any Facebook page using Facebook Insights.
Research the Competition, Be Inspired
Ironically using Google to research your Facebook competition gives the best results using search phrases like ‘Facebook fine ladies clothes’

Understand the Latest Social Marketing Trends

It’s important to take the time to research and understand the latest effective techniques. Keeping up with the trends is important and will help you justify your social marketing strategy.

Planning for Facebook

Your website looks great, your email campaigns look clean and professional, the goals are understood and setup. You should now work back to determine how to achieve them. It’s one thing to say you want an additional 100 fans in the next two months but you need to ensure you have the activity or the marketing budget to achieve that goal.

Editorial Calendar

Planning is the key, thinking about what you will post each week will allow you to reduce the time spent thinking or worrying about what to write next as you can schedule or delegate the posts. Additionally having a planned schedule allows you to be more considered in what you’re saying and gives you more space to look for great content.

Daily Activity Calendar

Facebook can be a vortex for time so it’s a good idea to plan using an activity calendar. This can schedule daily, weekly and monthly activity again using a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Daily Activity Planner

Longer Term Activity

It’s important to think about the longer term activities along with the best estimates for the expected outcomes. This way if there are things to be learned they can be worked on before they are required.

Daily Activity Planner

Measuring Progress

You’re doing the work but it’s important to understand how this marketing is working. Facebook gives you access to ‘Insights’ which shows you the effectiveness of your posts and who is interacting with them e.g. likes, shares, comments and links.

Tracking your goals is critical to the success of a social media marketing plan but take some breaks throughout the year to analyse your plans and update when required.

Most of all you should congratulate yourself for doing what most businesses don’t do, those that take the time to setup a plan and have a measured approach are successful.


You guys have really come up with somethin’.

Dr. Floyd, 2001: A Space Odyssey

Dave Fuller

Armed with a BA Hons Arts Degrees and decades of experience as a Web Developer, Dave manages all aspects of Web Design and Software Development at Accent and is also our technical guru.

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