by Sally Andrews

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Do you exhibit at different exhibitions and trade shows and always have the same size stand? Probably not.

Then these new Link2 Roller Banners may be just what you’re looking for. They offer the flexibility of being able to adapt to large or small stand sizes as they link together and are lightweight for easy transportation.

Link2 Roller Banner Display Stand

For a small show a single banner may be enough but larger exhibitions may call for a larger presence so the flexibility of being able to link several banners together to make a seamless backdrop for you stand might be invaluable.

The black base features 4 twist out feet which can be folded in if you need to place the banners close to a wall which will maximise your stand space.

Link2 Roller Banner Feet

The graphics panels themselves are easily interchangeable meaning you can change your display at will or even daily throughout the exhibition. This also means you can get maximum use of the banners over a long period making them very cost effective.

Link2 Roller Banner

There are even flexi-link banners available that allow you to bend your display around corners or create a wave shape adding endless variations to the look of your stand.

Read more about how we can help you develop your exhibiting strategy here.

Sally Andrews

Having over 20 years experience in the print & creative industries, Sally is our super organised Print Production Manager and ‘Queen of Numbers’.

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