The tactile nature of print means that it is unrivalled when it comes to engaging the senses – including smell as well as sight and touch.

Research shows that engaging more senses leads to increased engagement and better retention of information, meaning that print makes more of a lasting impression.

To enhance tactility there are many choices regarding the paper stocks, print techniques and finishes that can be used.

T shirts, banner and leaflet

Property118 applied an Accent-designed 'Landlords Union' identity to a printed leaflet that's an integral part of their marketing strategy, particularly their exhibiting activities.

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Print’s pure and incorruptible nature means there is no substitute to a beautifully designed brochure when it comes to conveying quality.

The first step towards a good brochure is to get the content right. We will work with you to agree on the details and the underlying messages to be conveyed. We will explore the personalities of your target audiences. Then, once we fully understand your requirements, we can coordinate copywriting, photography and illustration before moving on to the creative design.

It can represent your values and speak up on your behalf. It can help your brand be seen in the way you want – and it should remain an integral part of any marketing strategy.


We couldn't be happier with the result, and it [the brochure] has been received with abundant praise from our customers who love the new fresh look.

Ian Green, Greentours

Accent are very proud to have worked with Greentours for over 20 years to both design and produce their annual 140-page tour holiday brochure. The 2016 brochure was significant as it was the first time we switched to full colour throughout.

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