The ubiquitous email is still one of the trickiest little beasts to wrestle under control. The number of possible combinations of client software and device on which the email could be be viewed is mind boggling. We understand the vagaries of the landscape and are experts in coding clean & fully responsive HTML templates that land in an inbox with impact.

There are also many email automation platforms available to manage your campaigns & templates such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Being well versed in these platforms means we’re ideally placed to advise you on how best to use them as part of your marketing strategy.

Spectra Packaging - Email Marketing

We aided Spectra Packaging with their email marketing strategy through development of numerous responsive HTML templates and setup of a MailChimp account to help automate & manage their campaigns.

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Every email campaign harvests a lot of data. Not only personal data in the form of names & email addresses that make up your mailing lists but also analytical data detailing the number of recipients have opened your email and what content with which they’ve engaged. We can help you with handling all this data in a ethically-responsible and GDPR-compliant fashion.

There’s also a great deal of marketing opportunities available by utilising social media. These campaigns can be successfully tied into your email marketing activities to reinforce your organisations message to a wider audience as possible. And we’ll be able to show you how.

Freedom Insurance - Email Marketing

We have developed a range of responsive HTML email templates which have formed an integral part of the Freedom Insurance ongoing marketing campaigns and customer correspondence strategy.

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