Staying Ahead of the Game

Our working relationship with Wild Images has endured over many years. We have been tasked with a complete redesign and rebuild of their website on several occasions so that they can stay ahead of their competitors.

In the latest iteration of their website we improved every visual and functional aspect of the site. The result we delivered featured a new WordPress-powered CMS backend,
the addition of slideshow, masonry-style and fullscreen image galleries, and a reserved, clean visual design that beautifully offsets their stunning array of tour images.

Wild Images - Web Design & Development

Who Was Involved

Dave Fuller

Dave - Armed with a BA Hons Arts Degrees and decades of experience as a Web Developer, Dave manages all aspects of Web Design and Software Development at Accent and is also our technical guru.

Craig Vincent

Craig - With a BSc in Computer Science, our ‘Coding Genius’ Craig programs in just about everything and applies his robotic brain in his role as Senior Programmer.


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