A Relationship That Grew

The brief for the Vanilla website was to design a site which is informative of their products & services and also showcase their brand giving current and potential clients an opportunity to discover more about Vanilla Electronics.

Starting with wireframing, we simplified the navigation and separated the content into more manageable chunks. The site has been designed on a much wider grid, giving the content more room to breath and giving the site an open feel. Large banner images have been used to introduce various services & products, and the typography is clean and more legible.

The website is fully responsive and is built using the WordPress CMS allowing admin users to edit and add content.

Vanilla Electronics - Web Design & Development

Who Was Involved

Ben Hall

Ben - Producing compliant & accessible websites in HTML, CSS and Javascript, Ben has a sharp eye for detail and is also super keen on finding new ways to pair striking aesthetics with high levels of usability.

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