Expanding the Brand

Triton Consulting offer a wide range of services, consultancy and solutions to the IT sector. Accent created sub-brands for three of these services, they needed to work standalone and as part of the Triton Consulting brand. The services for zTune, Consultancy on Demand and Remote DBA all continued with consistent typography lining them to the main Triton logo. With strong iconography used for each logo, allowing these to be further pulled out and used in isolation.

A full set of guidelines as produced clearly displaying the rules for consistent use of the three sub-brands. These guidelines tied-in with the main brand guidelines document for Triton Consulting Accent previously produced, and distributed as required by Triton Consulting.

Event Material

Triton Consulting always have a strong presence at the annual IDUG conference events. This is the leading event in the DB2 community and Triton always take literature to the conferences to support any event they hold when at the conferences. Drawing on the DB2 Geek character we developed and revolving printed materials around him Accent has produced a number of items.

The DB2 Geek stress toy, leaflets with competitions and even a DB2 Geek minifigure have all been designed and produced for Triton Consulting.

Promotional material - invitation, flyer, mug, lego minifigure

Geekin’ Out

The DB2 Geek character was developed to promote Triton’s DB2 Consultancy services, whilst also making the subject matter more accessible. A standout application of ‘The Geek’ concept has been in the form of a promotional stress toy! The Geek also has his own blog where he and other members can contribute articles and comment.

Other projects for the DB2 Geek include an online game and various other items of promotional literature. The Geek is always a central part of Triton’s presence at the annual IDUG DB2 Tech Conference events.

Who Was Involved

Craig Vincent

Craig - With a BSc in Computer Science, our ‘Coding Genius’ Craig programs in just about everything and applies his robotic brain in his role as Senior Programmer.

Nick Thompson

Nick - Vastly experienced in the dark art of building websites, database development, and the Web, Nick describes himself as a general web tinkerer who is a little obsessed with PHP, MySQL, and jQuery.


We are extremely pleased with the recent development of brand logos for our RemoteDBA, zTune and Consultancy on Demand services and feel that Accent has encapsulated the feel of the Triton brand.

Carol Davis-Mann

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