Brand New Identity

Meet Market is an event that supports business start-ups and encourages social responsibility by bringing business, charities and schools together as traders. The identity we designed combines briefcase and market stall elements which represent the brand and the event perfectly. This identity sums up the project perfectly.

The logo was rolled out for use across the web and other marketing communications.


If I had designed this logo, my work would have been done. I'd have shown everyone, then gone down the pub!

Nick Little

The Outsiders - Brand Identity: Meet Market

A Colourful Hub

The website we developed for the client is a hub of all the events, activities and news from The Outsiders. The design uses colour and clear navigation, giving easy access to all sections within the site. The website development utilised WordPress and the main values and aspirations of The Outsiders are displayed in clear banners throughout the site.

The ‘Our Work’ section is prominent, with a brief introduction to the events The Outsiders organise and support. You can click through for further details and read related blog articles.

The Outsiders - Web Design & Development

Who Was Involved

Nick Thompson

Nick - Vastly experienced in the dark art of building websites, database development, and the Web, Nick describes himself as a general web tinkerer who is a little obsessed with PHP, MySQL, and jQuery.


Once again we love you, Accent! It's just amazing what you do for us.

Nick Little

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