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Built with a WordPress CMS to manage the backend, the sites key aspect is it’s multilingual nature featuring English & Japanese translations of all content on the site. Both English & Japanese sites also contain bespoke content relevant to the specific cultural expectation of their users. For example, the tone of the imagery used is slightly different in both translations so as to be more appealing to two distinctly different demographics of users. What separates this site from other multilingual sites we’ve developed is that it was a requirement for Japanese to be the default language and not English. Not being fluent in Japanese, this added a further degree of difficulty to an already demanding project.

The visual design features several notable elements. In terms of typography, we utilised both sans and sans-serif variants of a font family developed by Google called ‘Noto’ which was designed to give the Latin (English) & Kanji (Japanese) characters of both supported languages a harmonious look and feel. We also introduced an evolution of their corporate colours and the layout of the site is underpinned by an offset grid featuring the greatest ‘gone but not forgotten’ design pattern of the Web, a sidebar.

Web Design - PS English

Who Was Involved

Dave Fuller

Dave - Armed with a BA Hons Arts Degrees and decades of experience as a Web Developer, Dave manages all aspects of Web Design and Software Development at Accent and is also our technical guru.

Ben Hall

Ben - Producing compliant & accessible websites in HTML, CSS and Javascript, Ben has a sharp eye for detail and is also super keen on finding new ways to pair striking aesthetics with high levels of usability.


It has been an excellent experience working with [Accent]!

Peter Bernstein

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