A Playful & Colourful Rebrand

The Metcalfe’s brand was already established with various snacks available from Popcorn to Rice Cakes and was a natural addition to the Kettle Foods family. We were tasked to work on the production of the new packaging and presentation items to be introduced as part of a relaunched product line. Initially the work focused on the popcorn bags but eventually encompassed all the snacks in the Metcalfe’s range.

The distinctive popcorn characters help bring the brand’s playful and lighter personality to life, while the packagings bold colour schemes and simplified layouts provide additional visual impact on the shelf.

Eye-popping Print

We enjoyed the opportunity to take Metcalfe’s bright colourful brand and flow it onto their printed company literature and stationery, making it eye catching and easily recognisable.

The popcorn ‘dudes’ form a key part of the metcalfe’s brand, bringing the fun and accessible element to its packaging. Carrying this through to a clear and simple corporate literature design ensures the consistent use of key brand items. The folder and stationery were the start of a suite of corporate literature items.

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