A Logo for All Seasons

We worked closely with Mark to develop a new brand identity focusing on the ‘MH’ to create an intertwined graphical element. We both wanted the ‘MH’ to also be a stand alone graphic for use on social networking sites and as a watermark. A camera icon has been crafted from the letter ‘H’ representing the photographic factor.

The brand was designed from the outset to work across social media and to complement Mark’s minimal, clean, uncluttered and subtle photographic style.


The Accent team really get to know the client and their needs. Their work is first class - innovative, smart and focused.

Mark Hewlett

Getting Sociable

All the images throughout the website are easily shared several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And functionality we’ve implemented in the ‘My Work’ section has lots of interactions between the site, Flickr and Instagram. The WordPress-powered site allows Mark to start a project, set out a brief, add images, and visitors can comment upon it at any point.

Comments can be made directly on the site itself or on Mark’s Flickr and Instagram profiles. Involving visitors and having this level of interaction can really help shape a project, affording site visitors the opportunity to strike up a dialogue with Mark, very much becoming a part of the project in the process.

Keeping the focus on the images ensures they have the maximum impact and really showcase Mark’s work.

Mark Hewlett Photography - Web Design & Development

Who Was Involved

Nick Thompson

Nick - Vastly experienced in the dark art of building websites, database development, and the Web, Nick describes himself as a general web tinkerer who is a little obsessed with PHP, MySQL, and jQuery.


An absolute pleasure to work with!

Mark Hewlett

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