Quoting, Purchasing and Topping Up

We designed and developed a ColdFusion-based website that would quote and sell bespoke insurance policies. The site also allowed customers to retrieve and manage their quotes or purchased policies.

We worked extremely closely with the client on the ideal ‘Customer Journey’ through the quoting and purchasing process so that enquiries were maximised, and all relevant customer information was requested appropriately.

To accompany their main policy selling site, the client also required an additional site, yourmedicalscreening.com, that would focus on covering those customers with pre-existing medical conditions.

The cover offered by this site would ‘top up’ insurance already purchased by users so a good deal of integration work was necessary.

Freedom Insurance - Web Design & Development

Building, Managing and Collating

We have developed & coded a range of responsive HTML email templates which have formed an integral part of the client’s ongoing marketing campaigns and customer correspondence strategy.

The popular email marketing platform Campaign Monitor is used to manage the clients campaigns. The templates were designed to effectively leverage the Campaign Monitors own templating language allowing the client to produce their email campaigns using an intuitive drag & drop interface right in their web browser.

The Campaign Monitor platform also provides mailing list management functions and collates strong analytical data following the mail out of their campaigns.

Freedom Insurance - Email Marketing

Who Was Involved

Dave Fuller

Dave - Armed with a BA Hons Arts Degrees and decades of experience as a Web Developer, Dave manages all aspects of Web Design and Software Development at Accent and is also our technical guru.

Craig Vincent

Craig - With a BSc in Computer Science, our ‘Coding Genius’ Craig programs in just about everything and applies his robotic brain in his role as Senior Programmer.

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