Communicating Efficiently

EmergencyList was developed to improve efficiency and communication between doctors, anaesthetists and theatre staff, to aid prioritisation of cases and to reduce errors in the handling of emergency operations in acute NHS hospitals.

The system gives a clear view of pending cases for each operating theatre, presenting important clinical information, consultant and anaesthetist notes and complex mortality scoring.

You can read more about this stand-out piece of work here.


I have had the pleasure of working with Accent on other projects, so the decision to choose them to produce EmergencyList was an easy one.

Dr. David Nunn

EmergencyList - Business Systems

Who Was Involved

Geoff Somner

Geoff - A Computer Science graduate way back when, Geoff is an experienced programmer utilising his system analysis and interface design skills to enable the team to build effective applications.

Craig Vincent

Craig - With a BSc in Computer Science, our ‘Coding Genius’ Craig programs in just about everything and applies his robotic brain in his role as Senior Programmer.


Geoff and his team are always approachable and communicate very well using appropriate levels of technical language. They worked really hard to understand the intricacies of my project and I think they now know the workings of emergency operating theatres better than most hospital staff!

Dr. David Nunn

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