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Python Web Developer

A Modern Image for a Traditional Brand

A new brand for this well established company needed to change its perceived image from that of the traditional locksmiths, to the modern organisation that they have become, dealing with the latest in hi-tech security systems.

Our solution was to go for a completely new look, emphasising the different divisions within the company coming together in the barrels of a lock. It’s a bright, bold logo that aims to attract attention and show that things have moved on, matched with a clean and calm colour scheme and typographic layout to reflect efficiency and professionalism.

AC Leigh - Brand Identity

Who Was Involved

Tim Donhou

Tim - Having designed, produced and managed Accent jobs since 2004 Tim is a highly accomplished project manager across print & web which has enabled the team to create awesome work.

Sally Andrews

Sally - Having over 20 years experience in the print & creative industries, Sally is our super organised Print Production Manager and ‘Queen of Numbers’.

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