It’s your brand

Don’t refresh or redesign your brand simply because you’re tired of it. It should be a clear-headed business decision that has a purpose.

If your organization has been around for any time at all, you undoubtedly have built equity in your brand and your logo design. Be sure to incorporate elements of your current identity into the new identity to keep it from looking like an entirely different company.


When do you change your brand identity, and how much do you change it?

Accent helped AC Leigh re-imagine their brand so it would function perfectly in print, on signage and online.

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Should it be subtly refreshed or totally redesigned?

Accent modernised the website and rebranded the corporate identity while retaining the unique personality of the business. Showcasing Ruth’s qualifications and skills with a variety of finished projects to demonstrate the project management challenges and outcomes. The website needed to support the client inspired tag line ‘A personal service from a sympathetic expert’.

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