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.NET Web Developer

Having graduated with a Masters in Computer Graphics from the UEA, Leon brings a whole host of skills to the team. His work provides both rich interactivity and high levels of functionality across Accent’s portfolio of websites and software applications.

Lovingly regarded as our very own coding ‘Mad Scientist’, Leon is happiest when things “Pow!”, “Zing!”, and “Whoosh!” across our screens. With his experience in games design and interactive programming Leon enjoys it when we challenge him and he’s always got his eye on future trends and developments of technologies that could push the Web forward.

Leon loves a good gadget and is always the first to know when a piece of tech is worth our time. But as a Microsoft ‘fan boy’ he prefers to stay away from Apple devices. He’s also one of several big Nintendo lovers on the team too. And as much as some of us would hate to admit it he’s probably the most skilled videogamer at Accent. Take him on at your peril. Many have tried and many have failed.

Leon's Projects & Insights