After becoming increasingly unfulfilled by his career in engineering, Ben took a leap of faith and opted to pursue something new. He’s since gone from website dabbler & volunteer Graphic Designer at Future Radio to becoming our fully fledged ‘Web Production Guy’. This means it's his responsibility to take our designers beautiful work and find a way to build it in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. He's also become a Bachelor of Science along the way.

He has a sharp eye for the little details and is also super keen on finding new ways to marry striking aesthetics with high levels of usability being our ‘in-house’ UX guru. He's also 'The Voice' of Accent taking the lead on a lot of the company's social media efforts and article writing for this very website.

In the free time Ben has he likes to snowboard, evangelise about/play far too many videogames, hit his drums in a cheesy rock covers band and pull his hair out following his beloved Leicester City.

Ben's Projects & Insights